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7 ‘must know’ questions to ask when enquiring with a web designer

Use these seven questions to help you figure out the best web designer for you and your business. A good web designer will be happy to answer them!

  1. Can I get a breakdown of of what is included in my website quote? Do you offer payment plans? What’s your T&Cs?
    All of this information should be covered in a quote anyway. But if the quote comes through and it doesn’t cover all these things in detail, I’d be asking these question as a first priority.

  2. How will the project rollout? Can I get an approximate timeframe of when things will be done by?
    If you like to be organised like me, you’ll most likely appreciate a project forecast or timeline as well as milestones such as expected payment dates if you’ve taken up a payment plan. This keeps everyone on the same page, you have clear expectations and you’re not left in the dark about when you can expect updates, deadlines etc.

  3. What website platform do you use? (WordPress, Wix, Shopify, Squarespace Showit etc) and why is this your preferred?
    This may not be as important as it sounds but, your web designer should have a decent grasp on each of the most commonly used platforms so they can give you a bit of a rundown of the pros and cons, and what they think would be best suited for your business. All these platforms differ in price, user-friendliness, aesthetics and capabilities.

  4. What content do I need to have ready for you to start?
    This is a BIG one. Unless you have gone all in on a completely done for you website package like my Complete Dream Team Website you will have some homework to do to get your website published. Even in my done for you website package, I still need you to get me professional photos as i can’t pull them out of thin air myself. But if you’re trying to save money and intend on writing all the content yourself, you will have a bit of work ahead of you before your website build can start. If you want a full checklist on what you need to start a website you can get my Complete Website Preparation Guide here… it’s free.

  5. Can you help me with the content or direct me to professionals who can?
    Following on from question 4, this is a great follow up question. Usually a web designer will have a little black book of contacts they use to build websites. If you have the budget, ask your web designer if they can steer you in the direction of a good Copywriter, Photographer (if they have local knowledge/contacts in your area) and an SEO specialist.

  6. How much Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is incorporated into my website build?
    If you don’t know what Search Engine Optimisation is, Google it! This is important to work out before you start work with a web designer as website prices can vary quite a bit on this factor alone. SEO can be a whole separate set of expertise and not all web designers are skilled or knowledgable in it. There is also varying amounts of SEO that can be included in your website – none at all, basic SEO or fully SEO optimised. There can be ongoing costs for SEO or just a one off payment.

  7. Are you building the website yourself or do you outsource overseas?
    If they do outsource overseas, I’d be making sure the price reflects this. In other words, I’d expect it to be much cheaper. I’d also want to know what their responsibilities are in the build, because if it’s ALL outsourced overseas then effectively you could just get on UpWork and find someone overseas yourself!

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