Branding and design for women in business

Your personal brand plays a vital part in the way your customers interact
with you and your business. You need to give them a first impression that leaves your good vibes stamped on their brain.
I can help you communicate your purpose in the right way so you start attracting those dream clients you want so badly. You know, the clients that are a blessing to work with? The ones that reaffirm why you do what you do? Yes those ones!

You are unique and this is power to you and your business. If you seriously rock at what you do, then it’s time to be noticed!
It is time to build your own authentic image that represents what you stand for and will unmistakably
attract your perfect audience.

If you think a brand is just a logo, then we have so much more to talk about and so many more options
to go further with your exposure!


Hello there! I’m Beth. I run this biz called Media Avenue. I’ve been a creative all my life and have been kicking it as a Designer for over 15 years. I’m here for helping like-minded entrepreneurs show up in their own businesses, in exactly the way the want.

When I’m not playing Creative Countess, I am a wife, a mum to an uber cute boy, Xavier and a fur-mum to 2 ridiculously good-looking bulldogs, and I also invest my time as Creative Director for an amazing organisation called Standing Strong for young people between the ages of 5 to 17.

Times have changed. Gone are the days of scoring a full-time job after high school or university and sitting pretty with job security. There is new meaning to the title Stay-at-home mum now with more businesses being run from home offices (with toddler tantrums on the daily) than I care to imagine. I have lived all of this myself and witnessed the new age of side hustles and booming business that ooze that bold feminine flare. That’s why I believe all independent women out there doing their own thing and working bloody hard on their business dreams, should be given the creative tools, support, clarity and encouragement they need to kick their fear and doubt in the face and strut it like a business rockstar!

This is my purpose in life and I can’t wait to meet you!

Wow, I can not thank Beth enough for my new business and brand logo. I am so far from being creative and horrible at trying to explain to others what I’m thinking in my head, but with only a few words and a few pictures, Beth created a logo that just made not only myself but everyone else say “WOW”. She hit the nail on the head and I’m in love with it. Thanks again Beth! You truly are amazing at what you do.

Cannot even begin to describe the level that Beth works at! You have an idea and describe it and she creates something 500 times better! Absolutely unbelievable! Do not hesitate to have you logos done by Beth! Thank you so much for making my vision and dreams reality x

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