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It's time to
raise the bar on your online presence.

Helping 'go-getter' women dominate online and make bank from anywhere, anytime with a laptop and a fold out chair.

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Beth Padgham brand and web designer for female entrepreneurs

Hello you lovely human,
I'm Beth

Are you ready to stop mucking around and start playing big in your business? You know you’re going to need one hell of an aligned brand to go with that grand vision of yours, right?! 

As a fiercely all-female brand and web design whiz, I love to play the part in helping other women with their self-made success. If you want branding and web design that you can finally be proud of and instantly starts attracting your people (I mean, who doesn’t?), I am 100% your human.

Queens who have trusted me with their business

You are here because you're attracting the wrong customers… or none at all?

It could be because your brand isn’t speaking to those dream clients you want so badly. This could also be because you got your friend’s cousin to ‘whip something up for you’ a year or so ago (because he knew a thing or two about design) and you’re still using the damn logo out of convenience or necessity.

Stop kidding yourself. If you want to level up in your business, you need to level up your branding too. 

It’s time to bite the bullet, embrace the natural progression and invest in:

This is how I help

Beautiful branding to attract my dream audience.

Branding identity, logo designs, design elements, essential style guide, and social media friendly elements to make your business stand out.

An eye-catching, responsive website that converts.

Stunning website design for service-based businesses, optimised for SEO and built to be your online sales machine through seamless user experience.

Did you know building a website is a team effort?

As Marvin Gaye and Kim Weston say ‘it takes two baby’.

Download this step-by-step guide with everything you need to prepare before engaging a web designer. Grab yours here (it’s free):

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No idea how to start building a website?

Download this step-by-step guide with everything you need to prepare before engaging a web designer. Grab yours here (it’s free):